handun numerical control Products:
Handun Company developed Electric-Channel Letter Bender in 2004, developed and exported the first CNC Channel Letter Bender in 2007, obtained 38 patents and set the industry standard for Channel Letter Bender Machine in 2012, which all laid in the country’s leading position in Channel Letter Machine Manufacturing industry.

HD-SK-AF For Channelume coil

1 Product Name: fourth generation numerical control machine
Product time: 2007 put into operation. 2011 production.
Technical defects:
1 use air compressor, increase the cost, and unstable factors. To use in the door.
2 the length of the belt measurement, easy to slip, the accuracy is not enough, especially to do without the word.
3 huge body, space, after sale difficulties.
4 software operation is complex, and the surrounding edges of the two documents, the need to change.
Although there are many shortcomings compared with the fifth generation of the word, but it is undeniable that the fourth generation of the production of CNC machine is the most advanced in the world.

HD-SK-AF For Channelume coil
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Germmany Design Team from Genery Industrialpartner Company is under design for Handun Machine.

About us

  Handun Company established in 1985 coming with a long history since from making sign products. In 1999, developed a new aluminum sign letter making profile to replace the traditional aluminum & plastic material. In 2004, developed the first electric-Channel Letter Machine to replace making sign letter by hand. In 2007, exported the first CNC Channel Letter Bender to Japan, which all laid in the country’s leading position in Channel Letter Machine Manufacturing industry.

Handun CNC Channel Letter Bender transformed to Simple and easy to operate, accurate and stable on ferformance from Heavy, complicated structure with multiple after-sale problem.

In 2014, Handun Company cooperated with Germmany Industrialparters Company on Research and Develop High-Class Machine with the target-Chinese Brand, Germmany Quality.

-> Industrial standard setter of CNC Channel Letter Machine
-> CE Certification
-> National and international Patents, Including USA Patents, PCT.
->Be granted Channel Letter Machine Project and technoogy R&D Center by Weifang Science and Technology Office
-> Be granted High-Tech Enterprises